Solutions for New Buildings

Elevators that perfectly fit your need, optimize the space and shaft utilization, give you the freedom to configure the dimensions and technology of the lift to best suit your building’s requirements.

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Passenger Lifts

Passenger lifts, also known as elevator systems, are designed to transport people between different floors of a building with ease and convenience.

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Goods Lifts

We provide a qualitative range of Goods Elevators that is designed exclusively for Industrial applications with bigger Cars for handling large goods.

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Hospital Bed Lifts

Hospital bed lifts are essential medical devices used to safely lift and transfer patients who may have mobility limitations or require assistance.

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Traction Lifts

Traction lifts are a type of elevator system that utilize ropes or cables to vertically move the elevator car.

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MRL Lifts

MRL lifts are a type of elevator system that do not require a separate machine room for housing the elevator equipment.

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Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lifts are a type of elevator that operate by using a hydraulic fluid and a piston to move the elevator car vertically.

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Maintenance & Repair Services

Ensuring all lifting devices under your care are safe and well-maintained is a legal requirement for any building owner and maintenance contractor.